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Sunday March 1, 2009 at 10:05 PM by Rod
The SIRIUS HIGHWAY and CORAL HIGHWAY are frequent visitors to Narragansett bay and Davisville Rhode Island. I was informed after reading the link below that BOTH ships are making their final runs and then will be beached in Singapore and cut up... i.e. Scrapped. I have no confirmation on this other then a link. That being said, I can say that neither of the 2 ships mentioned were ever in their most "pristine" condition when they arrived here ( as evidenced by going to the search feature on this site and searching K-Line ships) with maybe one exception. In any event, I can't help but wonder if they are indeed being scrapped because of their age (just over 20 years) or if they are being scrapped because of the current state of economic affairs in the auto industry. I also must admit that I will be saddened because of their loss not only as ships but as frequent regular visitors to narragansett bay. Despite the fact they were rarely painted and it showed, they both made for many wonderful photo shoots. I especially loved catching the pilot coming off the ships as they leave the bay. I will go back through my files and attempt to get all the series I have of the 2 sisters uploaded into a nice presentation. Time will tell if the Sea Venus (sister ship to the Sirius and Coral) will also meet the same fate...

Lets hope not yet at least..

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