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So many cars.. where do I put them all...
Tuesday February 24, 2009 at 9:59 PM by Rod
As I sat on the south end of Jamestown this afternoon, watching the Triton Highway depart in the setting sun (and getting some pretty good shot I might add which will be posted), I thought that once the Cosmos Venture departs later in the evening back to Germany, I wonder if the car ships will diminish or keep coming because of teh economy. I personally love when the car ships arive mostly because sometimes they are just so unusual looking and even their boxiness varies from ship to shilp and company to company. On one hand i hope they continue to come here weekly or better (as indicated by getting 3 last week) but thw reality is that due to the economy they may indeed come here left often. I can't help but think about the Cepheus Leader having so much trouble getting to the dock last week. personally, I can not think of anything I would not want to dock in bad wind other then a car ship. Nothing like a bog sail helping you when you don't want it to...I just saw that Cepheus Leader is now on her way to the mid atlantic states. I would love to see what their schedule is from the time they leave germany with a full load till the time they return empty. One can only wonder...
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