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Cepheus Leader What a journey...
Saturday February 21, 2009 at 10:19 PM by Rod
So as I was leaving for work in Newport yesterday, I noticed the Cepheus Leader was inbvound bound for davisville R.I. at approx 0720 hrs. no problem, I got sopme shots of her before and after she went under the newport Bridge bound for Davisville. And that was that. if history is any guide, she would depart less then 12 hours later and would be bound for Boston via the Cape Cod Canal. Well imagine my supprise when, while I was at work, at approx 1100 - 1130 hrs the Cepheus Leader is outbound Narragansett bay passing Gould Island. Imagine the bigger supprise when she anchored in the Jamestown Anchorage. Well aside from getting many good shots as never (in my lifetime)do I remember a car ship anchoring in the Jamestown Anchorage. Normally, they arive a day or 2 early, anchor in the Brenton Reef anchorage and then proceed north to Davisville on the scheduled day usually between 0400 and 0800 and are generally gone within 12 hours. The only thing I can speculate is one of several scenerios has played out. A) The pilot brought the ship in as scheduled and for some reason or another either the dock\dock workers were not ready to receive the ship. B) There was no room on the lots for the cars and they needed a bit of extra time to make room. C) Maybe the ship was for whatever reason not fit to land at that time and the pilot brought her back to the Jamestown anchorage to make the nessecary corrections. Hopefully, I will find out in time. My guess is A) Regardless, it made for some great first time pictures (not to mention close ups) of the first car ship anchored in the Jamestown Anchorage.
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Name PortofDavisville
Date Monday February 23, 2009 9:44 AM
Comment D) high winds

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